Countdown to Best Seller: Greater Than The Game

Countdown to Best Seller: Greater Than The Game

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Stevie Baggs Jr. releases his new book, Greater Than The Game, on! Follow the campaign and be apart of Stevie’s effort to be an Amazon Best Seller. On September 17, within 24 hours, purchase Greater Than The Game on Receive a special discount and exclusive access to the Greater Than The Game ‘Post Game’ video blog.

Greater Than The Game is a guide to self-discovery. Greater Than The Game gives its readers a play-by-play journey of Stevie Baggs Jr.’s professional football career spanning 10 years, 4 leagues, and 11 teams. By reflecting on the “7 + 1 F’s” readers are called to examine how one can elevate their personal ‘game’ and tap into infinite power held over their life. Greater Than the Game transcends the boundaries of any occupation or vocation, making it a must-read for anyone interested in moving beyond the expected and ordinary.

Follow the countdown on leading to the launch of his book and new website.

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