Good Men: Stevie Baggs Jr. by Black Men’s Dossier,

Stevie Baggs Jr. is a man of many hats, but one the one he wears most often is a hat of philanthropy. Stevie is the founder of the CETA (Creating Empowerment Through Autonomy) Foundation.

CETA mobilizes people and resources to propel overall health and wellness. We provide innovative programs and services that focus on the whole person and improve the quality of life.

CETA Foundation is spiritually based, community oriented and charitable. We believe that all mankind should have informational access; should be afforded due process; and have the right of self determination as they carve their own niche in this society. We believe everyone is capable of participating when provided the right resources. Resources lead to self-reliance, which aids in self-respect and self-worth which leads to being a contributing member of this society.

Through workshops, seminars and interactive programs, CETA Foundation will provide individuals, neighborhoods and communities information, education and interactive programs and activities, and will make available resources that lead to self-reliance and self-determination.

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